Scientology and brain powerrrrr

I don’t know a lot about Scientology – I’m not pretending too, and some of the things I say may be inaccurate.
I was just thinking about it, this is my blog, I can say what I want to, and you don’t have to like it 🙂 and I’m not saying that my opinion is fact.
What I do know I’ve learnt from the local news (which of course tries to make them sound crazy), Australia’s Scientology website, and my Mum.

(Paraphrased heavily from the website)
Scientology is ‘the study of truth’.
Scientology is about how man is an immortal, who’s spirit carries on after his body is dead.
It is also about how the brain has a lot of power, and becoming more attuned to your spirit, and strengthening your mind.

I agree with the concept of the brains power (I was going to put the example in these brackets that we only use 10 percent of our brains, but then I Googled that and found out it isn’t true =/), and that the spirit is who you really are, and that you carry on after your body dies.

But whenever someone is talking about this power of the mind, and/or becoming self aware, and they use the word ‘Godlike’, I immediately think they are pricks.
I think maybe a reason people don’t like scientology is that they think it sounds a bit superior, like scientologists think they are better than others because they are trying to tap into their ‘Godlike’ powers.
Like, I was kinda with Scientology (despite the odd ‘auditing’) until it said “We are seeking to make a man into a higher being.”

Of course, the other reason people don’t like scientology, is because of the reported cult-like-ness, and that people are shunned if they try to leave, etc.
But is that so different from other religions?
My Mum said she felt pressured by her husbands family into joining their religion, and that the minister would come around regularly to ‘check up’ on everyone.
When my brother went to live with that family, he converted also, even though before he seemed definitely athiest, and would laugh at religion… and now after moving out, he seems to have gone back to how he was.

About the ‘auditing’ sessions – my mother had one done, for free), and it sounded quite dodgy to be honest.
But anyway, the idea seems to be that the E-Reader is sort of like a lie detector, but they use it to detect your negative thoughts, and ‘unwanted spiritual connections’, and work things out until you don’t have them any more…
Basically, it’s therapy.
Normally, you have to pay to be audited.
I think you have to pay for most things with Scientology.

And this is partly why I think it’s not really a religion, and not really a church, and that it should have to pay taxes.
Religions generally have a specific God – Scientology has an ‘8th Dynamic’ referred to as ‘INFINITY, God, The Supreme Being, or Creator’.
What they’re all about, while being spiritual in nature, doesn’t seem to have much to do with their God, but just being in touch with spirituality in general.
I think it’s kinda up to each Scientologist (is that a word?) to decide what their Creator is.
And as far as I know they don’t have any scripture or other specifics about their God.
Now, back to paying for their services… do you pay a priest to confess your sins? No, because it’s a religious service.
Auditing is a therapeutic service.
If they receive money from their followers, not as donations, but to pay for a specific service, shouldn’t they have to pay taxes?
In this aspect, they are like a business, no?


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