Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 {SPOILERS}

This is a big spoiler post.

A very big spoiler post.

If you are opposed to spoilers, go away.

Kinda wondering how to make like an ‘after a jump’ thing so it doesn’t spoiler things.

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Whatever, I’m starting my review-ish now.


I went to see Harry Potter 7 on Saturday at my tiny local cinema, which has no leg room or cup holders.
Apart from that, and needing to pee as soon as the movie started but refusing to get up, I very much enjoyed the movie.
It’s definitely the darkest film, and you just know lots of people are going to die (mostly in part 2, so I didn’t cry too much this time)

It starts off with Hermione using ‘Obliviate’ on her parents, to remove her from their memories, to keep them safe.
In the book she also moved them to Australia, I think.
Okay, so I was crying already.
The way the camera panned around the room, showing her disappearing from all of their photos…
The director was pretty good, David Yates, he’s been on since Order Of The Phoenix.
There were some amazing shots, like Nagini totally eating the camera,  Nagini totally bursting out of a dead lady’s skin, Harry getting dragged out of the lake, and sweet moments like Harry and Hermione dancing (which was never in the book and creeped me out a lil, but ok).
Oh, and does that awesome animated story about The Three Brothers count as directing? It’s also great animation. Tim Burton-esque.
But there were also some directorial decisions that pissed me off! For example, any scene filmed with a hand-held camera…. ‘shaky-cam’, go die in a hole.
That just makes people feel sick, it’s not dramatic.
And as my father pointed out, why are wizards running away from bad guys? why can’t they disapparate or something?

I really liked Rhys Ifans as Xenophilius Lovegood but I thought his face looked a bit too young.
Bill Nighy is always wonderful, but it felt odd that he wasn’t in it much.
In the book he was actually quite threatening towards Harry, first wanting to use him as a poster boy for the Ministry Of Magic, then trying to figure out what the items from Dumbledore’s will are for… his interest was implied, but I would’ve liked to see the conversation like in the book.
Something I found a tad disappointing was the lack of Ginny, not in this book, but in say movie 6 she and Harry didn’t get the chance to have the same kind of relationship as in the book… in the book they got a few months of a perfect relationship before all hell broke loose.

There were many things left out, that would’ve been so easy to include, and would’ve made me feel better about the movie.
I mean, instead of showing them camping for so long (though at least that was more interesting than in the book), why couldn’t you let Harry give Kreacher the fake locket?
That was very important – Kreacher loved Regulus, and Harry giving him that fake locket, Regulus’ locket, in the book meant a lot.
It made Kreacher NICE, ffs.
And he later led a house elf army.
Also, I think it was also important for Harry to remove Mad Eye Moody’s eye from Umbridge’s door!
In the book, he was furious she had it and was using it like that, and it was proof that the Death Eaters were in the ministry.
And wouldn’t him leaving it there let it tip off Umbridge? I mean, it was watching his every move.

Bigger things they left out include Dean Thomas.
He was apart of a group of goblins (including Griphook) and some other wizards that were trying to like revolt or something.
He was captured by the snatchers, and then ended up in the dungeon with Harry and that, and held Luna’s hand… aww.
Although they had the radio playing a lot, they left out ‘Potterwatch’, the radio show run by Fred, George, Lupin and I think maybe Kingsley?
They also left out the big mega fight between Lupin and Harry, where Lupin wanted to join him and Harry was like ‘fuck off, you have a pregnant wife’, and they left out most of Lupin and Tonks’ relationship, and even the fact she was pregnant, but hopefully that’ll be covered in Part 2 with an ‘I have a son’ announcement.

I’m not saying the movie sucks, and I understand movies are different from books and can’t be exactly the same, and I don’t want them to be exactly the same – I just think they could’ve kept a few of these things in, some of these things being some of the best things in the book (to me, anyway), instead of adding confusing scenes not in the book (the dancing), and falling into the books own flaws with the ‘Harry Potter And The Extended Camping Trip’ stuff.

Apparently in test screenings, people applauded when Dobby appeared.
I’m wondering if these people were just movie fans, or book fans… the movies didn’t really give you much Dobby to appreciate.
He was missing from about 3 of the films.
The CGI has improved, but somehow I think he looked better in Harry Potter 2.
Dobby should’ve been wearing mittens and bobbly hats on his head, instead of his nasty tea towel, but I guess that would’ve distracted from the sadness and seriousness of his death.
The scene was very sad, but at that point I was getting a bit zoney out and distracted, so I wasn’t focused enough for it to make me cry – I think in the book Ron put his socks in Dobby’s grave? or on his feet? 😦
The movie ended shortly after that (well, after Voldemort and his graverobbing), and I was surprised at the split between the two movies – I thought it’d be earlier.
My memory of the book is fuzzy, but it feels like there isn’t much left to do in Part 2, except have a big fuck off battle and the epilogue.

Is it sad for people who are just fans of the movie? when characters die? are you really attached to these people?
If I had only watched the movies, would I still love every one? I think so, but not in the same way.
I think I’m just sad I don’t see enough of my favourite characters.
Also, do the movies make any bloody sense for people that don’t know the books?
Because sometimes I watch and go ‘but this hasnt been explained! why did that happened?’… maybe it’s confusing to me because I HAVE read the books.
But they never mentioned that saying ‘Voldemort’ makes Death Eaters come for you, or really explained Snatchers, or that Shell Cottage was Bill and Fleur’s house, or what happened to the people at the wedding.

My mother thinks that Harry Potter should’ve been a television series – each season being one year, so seven seasons.
And that way there would be time for everything to be explained, and explored, and for every character to get the development and depth they deserve.

I do enjoy the movies, and it’s easier to re-watch the movies than re-read the books, as much as I might like to re-read all the books.
I find myself starting with Goblet Of Fire instead of Philosophers Stone… I’ve just read that first chapter so many times… “Mr and Mrs. Dursley of N0. 4 Privet Drive were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much”
My Mum will always be able to re-read and re-watch, because she never remembers what happened… lol.

Anyway, it was probably one of the best movies, very very dark, and the second part is only going to get darker… but it was also funny, like when they infiltrated the ministry, but then again… sad… but funny!
“Oh no what am I going to do, my wife is all alone down stairs!” ❤

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