Haiku’s and Google Instant

I say sincerely
Haiku’s are an awesome thing
They fill me with joy

But Google Instant
Trying to control my search
Needs a kick in balls

I got really into Haiku’s the other night, someone on Facebook started it, then my Mum kept doing it, then I just spammed with Haiku’s… it was really late and I was trying to go to sleep, but I just kept thinking of Haiku’s!
And now I really want to watch that episode of Avatar : The Last Airbender when Sokka gets thrown into a poetry class thats doing Haikus, lol.

i like the flintstones
fred and wilma are funny

is this a haiku
i ask you curiously
i hope this is one

water flows down lakes
as my pee flows down my leg
when i take showers

i had a dog once
and it had a big penis
indeed do not want

sleep is required
for i say odd things
in the haiku form

shit, thats 5 5 5
just ignore that one for me
take this instead ok?


is ok two syllables?

i am failing now
please just ignore me forever
i cant count for shit

i wish i could speak
lame haikus as well as i
can write them for you

which i must admit
cannot be said to be good
except for this one

oh megan my love
truly your haikus are fine
homeschool for the win

dear god make it stop
my fingers burn from counting
they rub together

too much fun for me
i fear i cannot dissist
oh look morning mist

dissist??? wtf?
have you no dictionary
oh daughter of mine

how much syllables
is this dictionary you say
four i must think it

yoda is my name
and rhyming is my game oh

i think i need a
haiku-er anonymous
sleep; i shall have none

i pray to you god
oh my heavenly jeebus
make the haikus stop

i turn off my phone
and then roll over to sleep
but i still haiku

the sun is out now
and i am inside shivering
mum finish shopping!

Google is stupid
i do not like this ‘Instant’
it is slow and shit

moldy fruit basket
upon our kitchen table
fills me with anger

Yeah, I really need to stop, but every time I go to type a comment or status message I start counting and trying to make it a Haiku.

Any way, about Google Instant, it just pissed me off, it was like it was trying to tell me what I’m thinking!
It goes through a bazillion things I’m not interested in as I’m typing!
I just want to look up what I want to look up, I don’t want it generating tons of results with the word ‘top’, when I really just want ‘top 5 ridiculous movies’.
I disabled it easily enough, but I still wanted to complain.
It shouldn’t exist in the first place >.<

And, omfg, I have a huge blind boil on my leg T-T really ruining how beautiful I felt yesterday, with my face of minimal pimples and pretty dress (which I got chocolate on, but its not noticeable…)


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