I Hate People

And yes, that includes myself…

lol jks jks, I’m a turtle =3

Today has not been fun…
apart from the parts that were fun, of course, like sneakily watching the first ep of NCIS season 8 online, and getting further in Sims Bustin Out than ever before!

The non-fun bits have been discovering various typos and mistakes in my printed out homework that were mostly not my fault, having a massive go at someone on Facebook and then her sister deleting me (don’t worry Mum, it’s not anyone you know and I didn’t really like either of them), and receiving a text from someone I don’t want to be friends with that I just ignore.
And I’m left with feelings of hate, feelings that I will dramatize… dramaticize? dramatize.., feelings that I claim make me want to lose faith in humanity (and faith in God if I had any).

And, I just started typing, got up to this stupid bitch on Facebook I decided I hate, and couldn’t be bothered…
In a way, I hope talking about it now will get it out of me so I don’t have to think about it again, but I’m not angry right now, and it’s late and I have things to do.
And if I vent, and post, then I can always reread it and get angry again – thats why I ripped the pages out my diary, because I don’t need to get angry again every time I read something that was supposed to take the anger away.

*sigh* It’s almost 10pm and I have dishes to dry…


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