What WordPress Needs And Some Other Crazy

Ever been on a blogging site, or site with a blogging feature, and at the end of your post you have the option to tell people exactly what you are eating, watching, listening to, and what kind of mood your in?
I’m missing that.

I really do feel the need to tell you that right now I am eating a ham, cheese, onion, carrot, mayo and barbeque sauce sandwich on white bread.
I want to let you know that I am watching/listening to Northern Exposure.
And it troubles me that right now, I don’t even know what mood I’m in, because I haven’t seen a large, varied list of words accompanied by adorable and humourous icons suggesting my mood to me.

If WordPress could supply me with such a thing, I’m sure they would make myself and other juvenile fangirls every where very much pleased.
Maybe I should just migrate to livejournal, but I don’t like the actual way it works, and it’s more of a community based thing and as of yet I have no community whatsoever.
And I’m kinda settled here, ya know, this is the place where I’ve done the most blogging ever.

It’s like a (really demented) diary that total strangers can read =D

Anyway, I’m going to play with colours now, while I just throw out whatever I’m thinking.
Joel from Northern Exposure is a bit of a prick.
And what is with the two 60 year olds that were fighting over the 18 year old, who is now pregnant, and has a father the same age as her husband?
Creepy, but now I know where to go if I want to find older men; Alaska.
John Corbett is quite fetching, he just has a nice face, and he’s quite solidly built but not in a huge muscles way, he looks like he’d be nice to hug.
My mouth tastes like onion… D=
Ooooooooooooooooooklahoma where the wind something something something trees!
Now that you arsufficiently infuriated Im going to run away
(look, it’s a rainbow! *runs and hides*)


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