WordPress for iPhone

I’m typing (or rather, tapping ;p) this up on my iPhone 3GS using a WordPress application I got from the AppStore.
I think it was made by Automattic.

But I’m kinda scared to use it because there were many, many bad reviews that said it crashed frequently when editing and posting, and you can lose everything you just wrote!
That is not good with my tendancy for big long rants, and I would be crushed and never blog again!

So far it seems easy enough to use, not too bad.
Just not sure if I can risk all my thinkings getting deleted.
I’m going to watch The Empire Strike Back Now, in the pyjamas I’ve been in all day.
I have a very thrilling life, don’t cha know!


EDIT:: Why does this have like my 4th highest views? c’mon, people, go look at something else (hopefully still on my blog ;D)
This post sucks, and you know what, so does the app =/ lol (well, for a little while, it seems fixed now, but whatever)


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. slowoodworker
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 15:51:21

    Forgive me, I just saw your comment on “alonewithcats” and liked your tag “Homeschooledjunglefreak.” Yes, just the right edge to it…enough to get one to check out your blog.
    Very funny and/or thoughtful musings. Mostly, I’m impressed that being as how you are home schooled, you’re not from a “born again” right-wing Christian family (An assumption on my part of course. It seems most home schooled kids in the US are from said families — The parents being afraid that their little darlings might develop a free and open mind if they associate with the living.)
    All this is my personal bias/prejudice. The public schools in the US really do suck due to the total lack of funding by the Gov’t and community. Hope they’re not so bad in Australia.
    Keep up the writing. You’re very good.

    BTW, would you guys mind taking back Rupert Murdock?


    • homeschooledjunglefreak
      Aug 14, 2010 @ 17:40:30

      You’re forgiven! haha.
      Really, I’m so pleased to receive your comment, I’m all excited.
      Sadly, “homeschooledjunglefreak” is not from my own mind, it’s an insult from a movie – although, if I lived in a jungle, I’m sure I would’ve thought of it myself.
      I’m glad my rambles can be described as funny or thoughtful, sometimes I fear they’re just incoherent.

      It is hard to find friends or communities involved in homeschooling (or unschooling, which is fairly unstructured natural learning) that aren’t strongly Christian.
      I do have a Christian friend in America, who isn’t homeschooled – we’ve had some very interesting theological discussions.
      I try to be tolerant and accepting but it’s hard to get on with people that believe the exact opposite of myself.

      Can’t tell you much about the schooling here, my experiences are pretty shoddy – a tiny country schoolhouse, then a small town high school, for brief periods of time long apart.
      Thank you very much for your comment and your kindness.
      Oh, and I looked at your blog, really great carpentry (that’s the word, isn’t it?), I want to try working with stuff like that some day.

      I just looked up Rupert Murdock on Wikipedia. He scares me. Please keep him far away.


  2. Ian Webster
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 21:11:50

    I also found you via your comment on “alonewithcats”.
    Forgive what will sound a bit paternalistic, but you don’t sound like many 14 year olds I come across. Your thoughts and insights, even if they emerge from a rant, are thoughful and thought provoking and great fun.
    Yeah, too many Christians lack a sense of humour, sad to say. And too often the ones without a sense of humour are the ones who speak the most. The rest of us are relatively harmless and full of joy.
    Keep up the blogging. I’ll be back.
    (Oh, and this Rupert Murdock thing? I sense it could get ugly. Just don’t send him our way!)


    • homeschooledjunglefreak
      Aug 16, 2010 @ 14:15:40

      Hello, Ian!
      Thank you very much for the comment, it fills me with joy.
      I’ve always been older than I am, it is both a great gift and a great burden…
      Haha, my maturity comes and goes, and I think today it’s gone far, far away.
      It’ll come back with a vengeance though, like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
      Maybe I should try to curb my immaturity into a hilarious blog post, but that sounds like effort.
      Anyway, if Christians take everything people say seriously, they’re going to be constantly offended, and that cannot be fun – and God invented the platypus, how can He not have a great sense of humour?


  3. slowoodworker
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 13:33:28

    Thanks for your compliments. Woodworking can be pretty enjoyable…unless you’re trying to make a living at it. ;-p
    I would always recommend that you “keep your day job.”
    My older brother (72) had some envy of my self employment being as my lifestyle was much less stressful than his (and still is). BUT, now that we are of retirement age, he IS, with a nice pension and savings and little brother (me @ 65) is still busting his behind. (“You pays your money and you takes your chances.”)

    Do what you love and life will be good.

    Take care. And don’t worry about Murdock; he’s making so much money here, he’ll never leave. 😦


  4. alonewithcats
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 15:20:18

    Regardless of whether you use a computer or iPhone, keep up the blogging!


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