How Do You Work This Thing?

So far I’ve made two posts on this blog, and this will be my third.
I think that’s the most I’ve made on a blog… I normally make one or two and give up.
Not sure if I like the way you make posts, don’t like the big huge break when you hit enter, even if shift + enter makes it normal, it makes my scroll bar jump to the top.

I have no idea how to use categories, so I’ve been adding a bunch of random tags because that’s the only thing I could figure out.
Have very little idea of what tags to put on this post, it’s kinda random.

What does it mean to make posts super-awesome? Is that like making it sticky, so it sits on top or in the side bar all the time?
I think I put my settings on this weird fun/surprise thing, which might explain that.

So far I’ve just rambled about what I’ve been thinking about at the time.
Sometimes I make up big blog posts in my head while I’m falling asleep or in the shower and never post them because I forget.
That happens with a lot of things too, like song lyrics and story ideas.
Quite frustrating sometimes, that I’m so lazy and forgetful – be nice if I had more determination or ambition or whatever.

Today I just feel like posting all the time about everything, but I guess I should restrain myself, because I don’t want to run out of subjects in one crazed day of constant rambling.
I should probably actually talk about myself at some point, like homeschooling and stuff… I don’t know whats happening with that, I’m pretty lost and confused.
I’ll do that later *shrug* lol

And I got better things to do, like playing Seiken Densetsu 3, or The Sims 2 ^^;
Or I could try and do some English…



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